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Letters - 2022

In accordance with either the City's Legislative Platform or at the approval of the City Council Liaison Legislative/Lobby Committee, the following letters were sent to elected officials in 2022:

AB 2000 Support - Motor vehicle speed contests and exhibitions of speed: offstreet parking facilities

AB 916 Oppose - ADUS: Local hearing requirements and height restrictions

Letter of Support - Mitigation in Rating Plans and Wildfire Risk Models

SB 1186 Oppose: Medicinal Cannabis: Local Regulation

Letter to Metro - Security for the Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority's Transit System

AB 682 Bloom - Cohousing Buildings: Density Bonus Law

AB 1445 Oppose - Regional Housing Need Allocation: Climate Change

AB 1690 Oppose unless Amended - Tobacco and cannabis products: single-use components

AB 1847 Support: Criminal procedure: victims' rights

AB 2264 Support if Amended: Pedestrian crossing signals: lead time intervals

AB 2336 Support: Automated speed enforcement; demonstration program

AB 2386 Support: Planning and zoning: tenancy in common subject to an exclusive occupancy agreement

SB 1328 Support: Prohibited investments and contracts: Russia and Belarus

SB 1472 Support and Seek Amendments: Vehicular manslaughter: speeding and reckless driving

SB 1338 CARE Court Support 

Letter of Support - Assemblymember Bloom Budget Request Commission on the State of Hate

AB 2097 Oppose - Residental and Commercial Development: Remodeling, Renovations, and Additions: Parking Requirements

AB 2050 Support: Residential real property: withdrawal of accommodations

AB 2011 Oppose: Affordable Housing and High Road jobs Act of 2022

AB 1845 Support: Metropolitan Water District of Southern California: alternative project delivery methods

SB 1456 Support: Property taxation: welfare exemption: low-income housing

SB 1067 Oppose: Housing Development Projects: Automobile Parking Requirements

SB 986 Support: Vehicles: Catalytic Converters

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