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Beverly Hills Moves Forward With Mobility Enhancements as Part of City's Complete Streets Plan

(May 25, 2021) Beverly Hills, CA – After several years of development and community outreach, the City Council recently adopted the Complete Streets Plan which balances the needs of all the City’s road users such as bicyclists, pedestrians, transit riders and motorists. The approved plan gives City Staff the ability to move forward on projects that implement various conceptual goals to prepare for emerging technologies, prioritize first/last mile improvements to the Metro Purple Line stations and increase grant funding eligibility.

One of the Plan’s outlined projects is Connect Beverly Hills: Meet me on Wilshire and La Cienega, a streetscape plan the City launched last year that recommends new sidewalk designs and pedestrian amenities in preparation for the opening of the Metro (D Line) subway station slated to open in 2023. Next steps will include finalizing the conceptual design elements and implementation.  

Other on-going projects identified in the Plan that will continue include installation of Citywide signal upgrades to help prepare for connected and autonomous vehicles; expanding bike parking on sidewalks and on-street bike corrals; purchasing software to allow for improved collision analysis; and evaluation of the Camden and Brighton Way project as part of the grant-funded Pedestrian and Bicycle Awareness Campaign. 

New initiatives that will soon be underway include community engagement for the first high priority bikeway project on Roxbury Dr., south of Olympic Blvd., to connect with other bike lanes in Los Angeles. In addition, the Traffic and Parking Commission will review the Complete Streets Action Plan at the August 5, 2021 meeting to confirm priorities.

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